Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cuckold Phone Sex

I cucked my neighbor... In fact I love fucking guys and then strutting over to his house and walking in like I own the place. I bend over whereever I feel like it and tell him to clean me up while I describe every detail of how I got fucked. Sometimes, I leave the blinds open for him so he can watch me get fucked. I love feeling the cum drip out of my ass and pussy and have him lick it all up while I tell him how I will never ever fuck him and all he'll ever get to do is lick my pussy and ass after I've been fucked.

I love fucking big dicks and I love the humiliation part of cuckolding. It makes me want to get fucked even harder and filled up with more cum.

If you're a big dicked guy and need a hardcore awesome messy fuck, then call me! If you're a small penis who's only good for cleaning up my sore pussy, you can call me, too. In fact, I'd love for you to listen to me get fucked by a real man....

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Friday, December 30, 2011

GFE Phone Sex Talk

When "A" calls and I hear his voice, I get wet immediately. I already know I'm going to get super naughty and loud with him. We seem to have a lot in common. I like when I have something in common with a caller. Makes it easier on me to be as wild as I want and still laugh and joke later. I don't know. Is it strange that it feels hotter with a stranger that you may have something in common with? Or maybe sometimes I'm just a GFE kind of girl who still loves it in the ass. Just hot nasty licking, sucking, biting in front of the fireplace. Keep helping me heat my bitterly cold winter up.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Addicted 2 Dick Phone Sex

I love hearing "D" on the other line of my phone sex call. He really appreciates that I'm a horny girl and desperately need to cheat on my husband to get more cock. I love being a nasty little nympho slut. Doing those kinky things most wives and girlfriends don't do. It just makes me happy... sometimes I want a nap after I cum and I log off... other times it gets me super sticky and ready to cum again... and again... Keep up with me... or keep IT up with me.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lonely and home alone

That's right... lately I'm home alone and lonely. If you're a sexy, hardworking, intelligent man who wants to get naughty while you're away on business, give me a call! I'm lonely at home looking to play and meet someone knew. It's been forever since someone interesting has come along to get to know and explore some naughty fun with.

I love ALL sorts of phone sex calls. Anything goes, really!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

bisexual phone sex

Yummm... I love playing with the other cougars and milfs on HDH! They're so much fun! I played with Isabel last. She's so kinky, wild, sexy and naughty. I love her voice, too. She drives me WILD.
And when Paris and I played together... we shared his cock SO good that he shot his load THREE times. We just couldn't get enough of his hot creamy cum!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

panty boy phone sex

Do I come home and catch you jacking off in my panties? Shame! Bad boy... you'll have to be taught a lesson or I might just have to tell. Tell, tell, tell on you. You wouldn't want people finding out would you? What about Mommy? Wouldn't she be mad? What if I am your step-mommy? You'll do exactly as I say in order to avoid punishment... won't you?

I know my panties are sexy... maybe you're a
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Don't you think my lingerie is sexy? You know I love dressing sexy... so why don't you cum please me? Treat me like a Princess and we can enjoy some
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cuckold Phone Sex

We all know I'm a horny desperate housewife and very into housewife phone sex, but:

I was thinking of writing my husband a letter...

Hun, I've been cheating again. I know you didn't like me fucking your friends, but I get so bored and lonely sometimes. I could tell how upset you were when I called you right after Derek was leaving and I was all out of breath.
Remember? I was hot and almost sweaty in bed. Our bed. The bed where Derek had just finished plowing me.He was so good! He always is. Not like you. His dick is so big and he lasts so long. I always cum when he fucks me. And, as you know, he always cums too. He always cums a lot!
Well, anyway, I was laying on our bed naked with the hickey on my right tit that Derek had just given me. You noticed it immediately. You also noticed something else he gave me, a big, fresh creampie! I saved it for you. ha ha
I sat on your face while you ate me. I wanted you to get it all. At least I saved something for you... Why don't you appreciate me? At least I allow you to touch my pussy sometimes.

I came clean about how Derek and his roommates had fucked me so much while you were working during the week. They had taken their turns like good boys, fucking each of my holes one at a time. They all had my ass, pussy, and mouth! I really liked it when they filled all my holes at once! Triple penetrated! I had only been double penetrated for the first time a month ago!
They are so good to me. Better than you. I guess I have something special to tell you...
Their black friend. They asked me if I had ever had a black man before. Of course, I hadn't. But I had heard so much about them. Remember, you always said that you wondered why white women dated black men? That was a long time ago, but I didn't forget! And I now I know why!
Well, they invited their black friend, Andre, over to their apartment last week. I was so excited! He asked me to strip for him slowly. I did. He liked it, especially when he saw that I didn't have any panties on. I've quit wearing them, by the way. They just get in the way.

Andre came up to me and kissed me. I was trembling! He's such a good kisser! I held my tits out to him so he could suck them. He did. He got them so wet. He had me bend down and take off his pants. When his cock sprung out, it hit me in the face! I've never seen one so big! He's even bigger that Derek.
I touched it. I licked it. I took it into my mouth as far as it would go. I sucked his big black balls. When he laid me back on the bed, I was so wet. Andre stuffed his cock into my pussy. I didn't think it would go in. It bent a little at first, but he fit it in my tight snatch! He was slow with me, and I had been stretched out a lot by Derek and his roommates, but still... no one has been thicker or bigger than Andre.
He fucked me. He really fucked me! He fucked me on my back, then doggie. He taught me to ride him. I straddled him and lowered my pussy onto his huge pole. He fucked so deep. I was afraid he would hurt me, but after a while I got used to it. It was phenomenal!
He touched places you never had.
For that matter, Derek and his roommates have touched places you never have as well.
Back to Andre. I came so hard I screamed! He turned me into an ultimate squirter When he was ready to cum, he flipped me over on my back. It felt so good to be man-handled.
When he shot his hot cum inside me, it went in so deep and filled me up so much! Remember when you ate me out after I was out all night? Remember how wet you thought I was for you? You're right, I was wet FOR you, NOT because of you. It was Andre's cum you were eating along with mine.
Anyway, I have been naughty and I thought you should know.
Finally, you can't deny it anymore.
I'm your slut cheating wife. I'll explain it all when you get home.
You really need to be ready to clean me.
No cheating, though, tongue only!

Your loving wife,

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